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What is MMC?
It stands for “Modern Method of Construction”, an advanced construction technology, different to traditional methods.

Why are they called steel modular buildings?
A modular building comprises a number of factory finished ‘modules’ assembled on-site to form the complete building, steel being the predominant component.

Why is it called an ‘off-site’ construction technology?
95% of the building is carried out in our factory and 5% on site. Only civil work for the foundation, external landscaping, boundary walls, internal finishing touches and signage are carried out on site.

How are you able to build so quickly?
Breaking down a building design into modules which are manufactured on a production line enables a factory’s controlled environment to promote an increase in both the quality and efficiency of the work carried out. No delays are caused by weather conditions, and the predominant use of steel avoids the curing time required for concrete in traditional buildings.

What are the advantages of off-site construction?
The construction of buildings in modular units in a controlled factory environment eliminates the adverse effects of weather, promoting a higher finish quality, as well as dramatically shortening the overall construction process. As the buildings are manufactured at ground level, the risks to personnel working at heights are completely removed.

Does modular construction cost more than the traditional method?
No. Although unit costs are the same, modular buildings take less than half the time to complete, enabling much quicker revenue generation and substantially reducing capital costs by cutting the debt borrowing period. Project management costs are also saved by our complete turnkey service.

Do you use any special materials for your buildings?
No. We use the same materials as for traditional buildings.

Are there any design restrictions?
No. We can accommodate 90% of designs, and early stage interaction with our in-house design team allows architects full creative freedom.

Are any types of buildings not suitable for your technology?
Yes. Car parks, shopping malls and stadiums are common examples of the very few instances where modular technology cannot be applied, as these large structures require concrete frames.

Can I choose the exterior appearance of the building?
Yes. We can provide any finishing our clients desire, such as brick, paint finish, ACP or glass glazing.

What about the interior of the buildings?
Interior walls are plastered and painted or tiled, as clients wish.